Vision - Mission - Strategic Priorities

    Village of Saukville

     Vision - Mission - Strategic Priorities


The Village of Saukville is a dynamic, forward-thinking community focused on providing a high quality environment in which to live, learn, work, and play.


The Village of Saukville is dedicated to meeting our community’s needs by providing high quality services in a safe environment through proactive, responsible planning and leadership.

Strategic Priorities

Pomote and support residential, commercial, and industrial development.

Pursue additional opportunities to partnerwith other communities.

Engage business owners and residents.

Continue to evaluate staffing and resources tomaximize their operational effectiveness.

Strategic Priorities – Action Steps

1.)  Promote and support residential,commercial, and industrial development.  

a.    Work with the property owner in TID #4 to market the mixed-use TID Plan

b.    Research additional Business Park land.

c.    Explore subdivision development possibilities.

d.    Develop methods for motivating potential developers.

e.    Promote development incentives and broker incentives.

·       - As they relate to the Business Park and Foster Commons.

f.   Re-evaluate the Downtown RedevelopmentPlan for implementation.

g.   Outreach to Commercial Brokers and Developers.

h.    Develop a method for marketing the community (i.e. “Why Saukville?”).

2.)  Pursue additional opportunitiesto partner with other communities.

a.    Continue to partner with neighboring communities for shared services.

b.    Continue to share equipment with other communities. 

c.    Explore the possibility of joint capital and general equipment purchases with othercommunities.

d.    Explore possible additional services to share with other communities.

e.    Explorepossible additional ways in which to cooperate with the County.

3.)  Engage business owners and residents. 

a.    Engagebusiness owners in supporting Village events.

b.    Periodicallyhold Village Board meetings at business and/or community organizations.

c.  Enhanceelectronic communications.

d.   Educate the public about and celebrateVillage achievements.

e.   Host an annual Business Forum todetermine how the Village can assist local businesses.

4.)  Continue to evaluate staffing and resources to maximize their operational effectiveness.  

a.    Evaluate alternative models of service delivery and staffing.

b.    Annually review the Village’s Financial Management Plan

Revised– Village Board – 11/5/18