Police Department

About the Saukville Police Department


The Saukville Police Department is comprised of two clerical staff, eight officers, one sergeant, one lieutenant, and a chief. We provide 24 hour law enforcement service 365 days a year.
During business hours calls are first routed to the Saukville Police Department and if an officer response is needed will be directed to the Ozaukee County Joint Dispatch Center. During non-business hours all calls route through the Ozaukee County Joint Dispatch Center.  

Mission Statement

he mission of the Saukville Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in the Village of Saukville by working with the community, to ensure the protection of rights, safety and property of the citizens and visitors in our village. 

Keep in Contact!

We work hard to keep our community connected to what is going on in the village. We use several electronic tools to do this, please read below and find what works best for you.


The Saukville Police Department has joined the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network (WCAN). WCAN quickly alerts the community about a crime or criminal that may affect them in the form of email, fax, or text message.


Want to know what's going on in Saukville? Want to see photos of Saukville Police Department events? Check out our Facebook page! www.facebook.com/SaukvillePD/